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Woodwork for Inventor is an add on for Autodesk Inventor. It turns this mechanical orientated software into a very efficient woodworking tool. From simple furniture to the most complex structures, Woodwork for Inventor will enable you to engineer your product and generate the corresponding production information fast and accurately.

Woodwork for Inventor features

Material assignment

Woodwork for Inventor adds an extra feature to the Autodesk Inventor software which allows the user to easily and visually assign furniture materials (Solid wood, Board, Laminated board, Multilayer board, Rod, Desktop, Veneer/film, Edge banding, Paint) to parts using the data base which can be freely added to by the user.

Automatic generation of mortises and tenons

Woodwork for Inventor uses its own mortise cutting method which, unlike conventional systems, primarily allows you to quickly arrange hardware fittings in a model and to automatically cut required holes accordingly.

Size calculations of part and blank

Woodwork for Inventor takes this into account and automatically calculates these dimensions and provides them in the generated specifications.

Specification generator

Woodwork for Inventor uses its own specification generator which allows for automatic generation of information required for furniture production based on the designed 3D furniture model (e. g. product structure, summary of materials and purchased components, cutting list, general list of parts, etc.).

Use of prototype and assembly copying

Woodwork for Inventor allows you to make an independent copy of any existing furniture model thus the designer is able to quickly design similar furniture of the same concept having different configurations and dimensions.

Multiplication arrangement of furniture hardware

Woodwork for Inventor uses its own method of components arrangement which utilises the design connections (iMate) pre-existing in the assembly elements. The designer simply needs to specify which load-bearing geometric elements a specified component needs to be attached to and it will automatically be multiplied in all possible position combinations based on the specified load-bearing geometric element.

Automatic generation of edge body

Radan Tube is an industry leading Laser CAD CAM system for rotary multi axis cutting machines developed specifically for tube cutting and manipulation industry

Export to cutting optimization program

Woodwork for inventor also links with a popular cutting optimization program CutRite v.8.0 designed to prepare programs for CNC panel cutting machine tools.

Automatic generation of drawings

Woodwork for Inventor allows for automated generation of product drawing bundles by a single command. The user can open any of their designed products and generate a chosen drawing bundle.

CNC preparation

Woodwork for Inventor has an optional CAM feature. The user, after designing a furniture item in the Autodesk Inventor +Woodwork for Inventor environment, can use the model geometry directly when generating CNC programs for woodworking machine tools.