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ImageGrafix Software FZCO, as Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (ICAS) Global Network Partner, covers the Middle East and Egypt. ImageGrafix has a unique and specific expertise in providing design and engineering software and services to EPCs and Owner/Operators within the process and power industries. Taking advantage of ICAS world-class engineering software solutions such as CAESAR II (Pipe Stress Analysis), PVElite (Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis), PV Fabricator (Production of Fabrication Deliverables of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers), Tank (Oil Storage Tank Design & Evaluation) and CADWorx (Plant Design Suite) and also third party applications, ImageGrafix provides the latest Integrated Plant Design Solutions with technical support, consultancy and training that improves the business profitability of its customers.

NozzlePRO for PV Elite & CAESAR II‏

CADWorx 2015 released with new capabilities‏

Intergraph's release of AutoCAD-based CADWorx 2015 is just around the corner!

Intergraph releases new FreeView for viewing CADWorx 3D models on Apple iPad

Success Story:

Intergraph® CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, and PV Elite® help Black Cat succeed on design and engineering of Qatar fertilizer plant

TANK 2014 - Service Pack 1



Intergraph news - PV Elite supports VASUDA's GMMOS division on UAE gas project

Intergraph® announces release of FEATools™ finite element analysis tools for enhancing CAESAR II® stress analysis projects

HOUSTON, Texas, January 9, 2014 –Intergraph announced today that Paulin Research Group has released FEATools, a software tool for finite element analysis (FEA) that links with CAESAR II to analyze components outside of code limits and improve analyses of high-cycle service conditions, producing more cost-effective designs that reduce stress on equipment and increase plant and equipment life.FEATools incorporates FEA-generated stress intensification factors (SIFs) and flexibilities for tees and intersections into CAESAR II models, allowing users to design and analyze systems with consistent safety factors to save both time and money. Linked with CAESAR II, FEATools can calculate realistic loading conditions and allowable loads on nozzles and provide a report to address these types of challenges.

In conjunction with this release, Intergraph hosted a webinar series on FEA analysis where participants could submit their CAESAR II models for review by industry experts. In light of the success of the series, Intergraph is inviting users to continue submitting their CAESAR II models for review. For more information, visit http://coade.typepad.com/coadeinsider/2013/12/submit-your-caesar-ii-models-for-review.html. To submit a model for review, visit http://www.coade.com/caesarii/FEAModels.shtml.

For information about FEATools, visit http://coade.typepad.com/files/product-sheet-1.pdf

Intergraph news - FEATools for finite element analysis of CAESAR II models

Intergraph PV Elite Webinar : What's new in ASME Code Section VIII(Divisions 1, 2 & Section II Part D)

Water treatment design and engineering firms use Intergraph CADWorxR and Analysis Solutions (Intergraph CAS)


CADWorx 2014 Flyer

CASE STUDY: L&T Heavy Engineering IC, INDIA

CAESAR II proves to be a valuable tool in Brazil's Nuclear Industry

CADWorx 30 Days Evaluation and Demo Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is now live.

CADWorx integration with CAESAR II and PV Elite

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions - YouTube

Intergraph CADWorx DraftPro Featured In July Edition Of Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine


Intergraph PV Fabricator has advanced tools for the accurate and speedy production of pressure vessel fabrication deliverables. When linked to Intergraph PV Elite®, PV Fabricator greatly improves the workflow between engineer and designer to increase productivity and reduce the re-work and errors that cause costly overruns and penalties. By producing drawings quickly and more accurately firms can increase throughput and customer satisfaction, thereby winning repeat business.

OrthoGEN for CADWorx

OrthoGen for CADWorx Plant Professional enables 2D plans, sections and elevations drawings to be created automatically from CADWorx Plant Professional 3D models. Even in today’s 3D world annotated and dimensioned orthographic drawings are still a required deliverable - OrthoGen reduces this process from hours to only minutes.

Design Review

Intergraph CADWorx Design Review allows the review of plant models by designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders. With CADWorx Design Review, everyone shares in the benefits of design collaboration.


Intergraph CADWorx E&I includes the most complete tools for efficient instrument and electrical design. It is easy to learn and has helped hundreds of companies create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately.

FEA Tools

PRG FEATools™ improves the quality of Intergraph CAESAR II® users’ analysis for critical service lines by incorporating finite element analysis (FEA) and other empirical sources into the evaluation process. By using Intergraph® CAESAR II in combination with FEATools, analyzed systems are neither over- nor under-designed, but designed with consistent safety factors, which also saves time and money.


INTERGRAPH® PV ELITE® AND CAESAR II® .  NozzlePRO is a standalone solution that enables users to quickly and easily perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of individual pressure vessel and piping components. Engineers can perform FEA without the need for extensive knowledge of FEA modeling or analysis techniques.


Intergraph® GT STRUDL®Structural Modeling, Analysis & Design. For almost 40 years GT STRUDL has been one of the most widely accepted computer-aided engineering and design tools for structural analysis and design. It is trusted and used globally by thousands of engineers to deliver accurate results, quickly and efficiently.


Intergraph CAESAR II Nuclear evaluates the structural responses and stresses of nuclear and traditional piping systems to international codes and standards. CAESAR II is the pipe stress analysis standard against which all others are measured.



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Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions
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