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  • Authorized Autodesk Gold Partner with Product Design & Manufacturing, Consulting & Product Support Specialization in UAE.

  • Authorized Reseller of Vero software in Middle East.

  • Authorized Partner of Woodwork for Inventor in Middle East.

We strive to develop long-term client relationships through our innovative solutions, delight our clients through prompt and professional service, and seek to help our clients gain a competitive edge.  Our partnerships are vital and necessary to our long-term success.  We work to leverage the strengths of our partners into solutions for our clients and invest in partner relationships that share the mutual respect of putting the client’s needs first.

Why Should You Choose ImageGrafix?

  1. Autodesk Gold Partner: Only resellers that invest in customer service and satisfaction are granted Autodesk Gold Partner status. Each Gold Partner must have industry-specific technical experts with recognized degrees or at least three years of relevant experience, as well as a dedicated sales and marketing staff.  Additionally, Gold Partners must employ at least one consultant with a minimum of three years’ experience in software solution implementation in the industry for which Gold Partner status has been granted. ImageGrafix is proud to be an Autodesk Gold Partner.

  2. Vero: Vero Software is a company that creates and distributes CAD / CAM / CAE software for aiding the design and manufacturing process in specific sectors of the industry with a knowledge driven focus on providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone and woodworking industries.

  3. Digital Prototyping Leader: ImageGrafix is uniquely qualified to help your team quickly realize the power of experiencing digital designs.  Deliver better solutions faster with the power to visualize, collaborate, simulate, manage and analyze your models.

  4. Proven Capability: In its 19+ year history, ImageGrafix Software has established itself as a regional leader in the industry.  The ImageGrafix Software name is well respected within the industry and a recognized leader in design software technology solutions.

  5. Client Relationship & Expertise: Clients buy high-end software solutions from companies and people they trust.  ImageGrafix invests in employees that understand this concept and are skilled at their trades.  The average industry experience level with the ImageGrafix Software Team is over 10+ years and the company continues to recruit and hire top industry talent in the sales and engineering profession.

  6. Strong Local & Regional Presence: ImageGrafix Software has a strong presence in the Middle East and India and continues to invest and grow in these areas to ensure our clients receive courteous, professional and timely service.  Our local presence allows your team to visit an office and participate in free events, industry specific speaking engagements, and local user groups.

  7. Professional Services: ImageGrafix Software has established itself as a leader in design software consulting and integration services. Through our in-house engineering services team in India, we have the ability to provide customization and technical services for Plant design and CAD/CAM/CAE systems as well as detailed engineering needs, Vault/Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementation Service.

  8. Certified Support: ImageGrafix is one of a few Autodesk resellers that are authorized to deliver support on Autodesk and Vero Software. This program is designed for organizations that require telephone support during normal business hours.

  9. Training Services: ImageGrafix training services has been actively involved in training engineers related to AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Plant Design. One thing unique with ImageGrafix Training Division is that all offered training courses and programs are based on curriculum and standards set by our software developer partners and are offered by consultants and engineers who have many years of field and hands-on experience in their respective fields.

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