ImageGrafix Software FZCO
is Paulin Research Group (PRG) representative Partner, covers the Middle East,
North Africa and India territories. ImageGrafix has a unique and specific expertise in providing design and
engineering software and services to EPCs and Owner/Operators within the process and power industries.
Taking advantage of PRG world-class engineering software solutions such as FE/Pipe (Template-based FEA
of complex PVP structures), NozzlePRO (Rapid single component FEA modeling & analysis),
PCLGold (Advanced FEA-based pipe stress analysis) and also third party applications,
ImageGrafix provides the latest Integrated Plant Design Solutions with technical support,
consultancy and training that improves the business profitability of its customers.


Template-based FEA of complex PVP structures


FE/Pipe makes modeling typical pressure Vessel and piping geometries faster and easier than is possible with general FEA
tools due to the parametric design philosophy. More..


Rapid single component FEA modeling & analysis


NozzlePro generates graphical & tubular results for the system on FE method which moves beyond the limitations of WRC107,
WRC297 & Zick for efficient design. More..

Advanced FEA-based pipe stress analysis


PCLGold applies FEA accuracy to standard pipe stress analysis.
It does proper analysis external piping loads, pressure cycling.