Easy project progress reporting from your mobile devices

Site Progress Mobile for Asta Powerproject  is a downloadable app which enables mobile users to record the progress of tasks and repetitive events from a remote location against their work as scheduled in an Asta Powerproject project plan. Each user sees only the relevant tasks and progress check lists for which they have responsibility.

See below an outline of the simple steps for progress reporting with Site Progress Mobile

Log In

Log in to Site Progress Mobile and the projects assigned to you are downloaded automatically from the Cloud.

Select your project

Select a project to update and browse through the project hierarchy to locate the tasks against which you want to report progress.

Update your individual tasks

Update your individual tasks and “tick-off” the sections of repetitive events that have been completed.

Save your updates

You can save your updates to the project even if you do not have a phone or Wi-Fi signal, for when working onsite in a remote location.

Submit your changes

Submit your changes and they are then uploaded to the Cloud as soon as your phone or Wi-Fi signal is restored.


“You can almost synchronize the project as you walk back to the site office”
Raj Chaman, Mace


“Site Progress Mobile is very user friendly”
Tim Huxtable, Laing O'Rourke


Benefits of Site Progress Mobile
Site Progress Mobile enables you to:

  • Record project progress quickly and easily via mobile devices or web browser
  • Control which user updates which task list
  • Improve data accuracy by removing the need for re-keying of updates
  • Update progress at any time, from any location – without having to open Asta Powerproject
  • No signal needed to record progress – only when submitting updates
  • Updates are automatically applied to Asta Powerproject plans
  • Record actual start/finish dates, percentage complete & remaining duration
  • Add notes and photographs to each task update