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Design remarkable products in a complete Digital Prototyping workflow

Autodesk® Product Design Suite is a comprehensive solution delivering 3D design, simulation, collaboration, and visualization tools to complete your entire engineering process. The Digital Prototyping capabilities of the suite can help you design better products, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.

Drive innovation:

Develop more innovative designs with an integrated suite of tools that help to smoothly transfer information and meet the demands of each phase of engineering, from design through simulationand visualization. Give your products a competitive edge by integrating industrial design aesthetics into your products using a wide range of modeling tools.

Design without boundaries:

With a broad set of easy-to-use, interoperable design tools, your engineering design teams can work more creatively and manage their processes more efficiently. As ideas move from concept to engineering, the need to remodel concepts is minimized as engineers can work from conceptual designs. And with everyone using a common set of tools, you improve collaboration across all phases of development.

Improve product quality and lower costs:

Optimize and validate product performance before the product is built. With cloud-based Autodesk® 360 services and integrated simulation tools, Product Design Suite helps you reduce the chance of errors, validate design intent through the entire process, and select low-cost, low-impact materials to aid in sustainability. Tight integration with the 3D design software helps make it cost-effective to use simulation throughout the design process.

Collaborative data management:

Avoid duplication of effort and manage all of your design data through an integrated data management system. Autodesk provides centralized data management software that enables workgroups to securely store and manage work-in-progress design data and related documents. This enables a streamlined change management system, accurate bills of materials (BOMs), and the ability to share digital models with your team, customers, and suppliers.

Communicate design ideas:

Use Autodesk Product Design Suite to more easily generate and share production-ready documentation from a validated digital prototype, helping reduce errors and deliver designs in less time. Turn your design data into photorealistic renderings and cinematic-quality animations, helping to give you an edge over your competition and provide visually stunning design concepts to customers. Enhance engineering design review and collaboration by integrating supply chain data to create complete large-scale digital mockups.

Integrated electrical and mechanical design:

Product Design Suite helps mainstream manufacturers realize the full benefits of mechatronics by enabling them to quickly create and easily maintain a single, digital model. This model connects mechanical and electrical teams by bringing together design data from all phases of development for use across all disciplines. Because the digital model simulates the complete product, engineers can better visualize, optimize, and manage their design before producing a physical prototype.

Software Included in each suites are listed in the table below

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